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Exciting Partnership Announced: Eclipse Viewing Event at Taxman Bargersville with the Eclipse Team from NASA and Southern Illinois University

Taxman Eclipse Viewing Party

Taxman Bargersville is proud to announce an extraordinary partnership with NASA and Southern Illinois University’s Eclipse Team for an unforgettable celestial event on April 8th. Join us for an immersive experience as we witness the awe-inspiring eclipse phenomenon together.

On this remarkable day, Taxman Bargersville will be providing telescopes, courtesy of the esteemed teams from NASA and Southern Illinois University, allowing guests to witness the cosmic wonder up close. In addition, complimentary eclipse glasses will be available for attendees, while supplies last, ensuring a safe and memorable viewing experience.

But that's not all - Taxman Brewing Co. will also launch two brand-new beers crafted for the occasion, "Totality" and "In the Black”. These limited-edition brews are crafted to enhance your eclipse viewing experience and will be available in 4pks to carry out to remember the day.  

Totality is a Double India Pale Ale brewed with Galaxy and Comet hops, creating out-of-this-world flavor with every sip. The hazy ale features juicy notes of grapefruit, tangerine and passion fruit that will satisfy the taste buds of craft beer enthusiasts and novices alike.

In the Black is a Bourbon Barrel Belgian-Style Dark Ale infused with vanilla and promises a rich and indulgent taste experience. This limited release offers a complex blend of flavors providing the perfect complement to the celestial spectacle unfolding above.

"We're excited to partner with the esteemed team from NASA and Southern Illinois University to offer our guests a truly unique and memorable experience," said Nathan Huelsebusch, CEO of Taxman. "With telescopes for close-up viewing, complimentary eclipse glasses and our specially crafted beers, we're excited to provide an unforgettable day of celestial wonder and exceptional craft beer."

In addition to the eclipse viewing and exclusive beer releases, Taxman Bargersville will be opening its doors early, inviting guests to indulge in lunch options paired with their favorite Taxman brews.

Join us at Taxman Bargersville on April 8th for a one-of-a-kind event that combines the cosmos' magic with craft beer's artistry!


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